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Thursday, June 20, 2013

IONM: Neurological Testing or Neurophysiological Divining? J. G. Salamy, Ph.D.

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Dr Joe Salamy writes a thought provoking and insightful Editorial Review about Intraoperative NeuroMonitoring, where do we stand?, what do we have to do to bring in new approach and newer technologies to avoid the IONM field become a stagnant one?..
IONM: Neurological Testing or Neurophysiological Divining? 
J. G. Salamy, Ph.D.  
VERTECz: surgical neurophysiology, Las Vegas, Nevada 
2012 All Rights Reserved
During the last three decades IONM has followed an objective probability-based clinical model whichfocused attention almost exclusively upon the detection of specific events IONM practices, however, donot neatly conform to those of conventional clinical testing procedures.  It is suggested herein that futureefforts be directed toward developing additional models which elucidate the dynamic and subjectivequalities of IONM and recognize the importance of sequences and their influence upon decision making. Heretofore, the temporal and linguistic aspects of IONM have been largely ignored.  It is proposed that weexamine IOMN as an ongoing interactive process, and develop new tools to help accomplish this task.
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