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Monday, May 28, 2007

Brain Mapping & Electro-corticography?

What is brain Mapping??, what are the types of recording system available to record selective areas of the brain during brain surgery. Dr.Anschel, MD reviews the available techniques
Electro-corticography Systems in Surgery of the Brain
Technology Spotlight

David J. Anschel, M.D.
Contributing Editor
The human brain is a fantastically complicated organ. On any given day, the average man does not give much thought to this 3 pound; blood gorged, gelatinous mass stuck on his shoulders.
However, the brain is responsible for controlling nearly ever human behavior and action. It is the source of all human creativity and accomplishments and everything mankind will ever achieve.
It has long been known that all of this fascinating power is not distributed evenly throughout its neuronal interweave. Most brain functions are based in discreet areas, and often brain dysfunction occurs focally.
  • These facts are critical to the modern neurosurgical approach to disease and are the basis for electrocorticography. The process of recording brain electrical activity directly from the exposed brain surface using electrodes, electrocorticography is most often used to precisely localize critical brain structures in order to avoid them when operating upon diseased areas of the brain.
    Additionally, electrocorticography is particularly useful while planning epilepsy surgery, as the onset and electrical propagation of a seizure may be mapped accurately. Electrocorticography may be used intraoperatively or at the bedside.