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Sunday, November 28, 2021

LinkedIN, a so called professional network site has become a dictatorial, fake professional site promoting unscientific discussions and more!

Ever since Covid-19 pandemic began, more so when the vaccine talk emerged in 2021, LinkedIN site has become the mouth piece of certain sources of information thereby promoting unscientific discussions and topics on its site, while curtailing, banning, restricting honest, scientific and healthy discussions about Covid-19 or Vaccines or anything related to it, besides other scientific or non-scientific topics. 

What did LinkedIN do or continue to do as post this article: 

1.Heavily promoting Covid-19 Vaccine companies such as Pfizer, anything from this co or from Vaccine, LinkedIN is the promoter

2. Mouth piece for Dr.Fauci and the unscientific narratives coming out of NIH

3. Most healthy and scientific discussions are curtailed, posts removed, comments removed

4. LinkedIN members are restricted or accounts forcefully turned off or turned inactive 

5.Massive number of "Against LinkedIN" Policy butchery of comments and posts 

7. Blocking access

8. Non stop warning of policy (against our policy?) bs, while totally disregarding free speech and free expression.

9. Promoting and allowing poor, unverifiable Covid-19 science and discussion.

10. Restricting or removing "Scientific Publications" that are already published in top medical and scientific journals.

11. Many Scientists and Clinicians Posts, namely the RNA discoverer 's posts banned or removed.

So many reported, since I can't access my LinkedIN, can't provide the list or names of the big list of professionals removal, if you have linkedIN active or know someone, you can ask them, they will provide a long list of such complaints from members.

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