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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Microsfot Chairman Bill Gate's-Where is his Next Niche?

Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft corporation is next aiming to revolutionize the health industry with the internet and information technology.

The following commentery of Bill Gates implicate that he is already into this area, knowing his next venture is a niche of billions to come?. Whether it is money or revolutionizing concept, the medical field does need to have to incorporate the technology to enable us to understand the patient's health status better which might lead to a comprehensive way of approaching the patient's condition for better treatment. Immmmmmm.............his mouth is where the money is?.

Health Care Needs an Internet Revolution
By BILL GATESOctober 5, 2007; Page A17

We live in an era that has seen our knowledge of medical science and treatment expand at a speed that is without precedent in human history. Today we can cure illnesses that used to be untreatable and prevent diseases that once seemed inevitable. We expect to live longer and remain active and productive as we get older. Ongoing progress in genetics and our understanding of the human genome puts us on the cusp of even more dramatic advances in the years ahead.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Stats about CNIM Exam

CNIM Written Exam 2003-2006
One of the following must be met and verified for candidates
to be eligible to take the CNIM Exam:

Health care credential plus documentation of 100 cases monitored
Bachelor’s degree plus documentation of 100 cases monitored
68% passed on their first attempt. The pass rate for repeaters was 46%.
39% had another health care credential. Their pass rate was 50%.
61% of candidates had a bachelor’s degree or higher and a 61% pass rate.
Some of the candidates with bachelor’s or advanced degrees, also documented they had another health care credential.
Procedures Performed in the OR Totals
Totals Percentage
Spinal Nerve EMG 911 83%
Motor Pathway 783 71%
Intraop Scalp EEG 719 65%
BAEP 661 60%
Cranial Nerve EMG 619 56%
Cortical mapping 337 31%
ECOG 197 18%
VEP 139 13%

41% of candidates stated CNIM was a Job Requirement. This was the most common reason stated for taking the exam. The second most common response was Professional Advancement (34%) and the third reason selected was Personal Goal (18%).