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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Whole Brain Atlas: This Online Whole Brain Atlas is a Treat for Advanced Clinicians and Researchers

Brain Structure and Anatomy:- 
The whole brain atlas created or compiled by two Harvard MDs Keith and Alex is a great collection of various brain areas or for that matter all levels and depths of whole brain.
From Whole Brain Atlas
Their digital work took me back to my graduate days, where at numerous occasions made cumbersome brain sections, whole brain sections, meticulous works through whole night or some time it ran through days of non stop brain sectioning, those were either fresh or fixed brains. What you will experience here on their collection is advanced imaging graphic presentation. Nevertheless the experience is reminiscent of my days in the research lab looking at Cross/Sagital or sections of brain as well as other planes through the entire brain.

The Whole Brain Atlas
Here are couple of Scnshots from their site:

Their work and data is a must visit for advanced Neurophysiologists, Radiologists and all the spine, neck and brain surgeons, besides medical students planning to specialize in Brain and Spine. Here is the Link:Website/Url. 

This digital wealth of information of whole brain structure and anatomy is a comprehensive work using various imaging such as MRI, CT and SPECT besides other anatomical tracing techniques put together to reveal the entire brain, along with images there are also videos such as video of the "Circle of Willis" and various vascular structures supplying brain areas, as I traveled through their site, it was like feasting euphorically!.

As you browse through the contents, there is so much to add besides whole brain atlas, the images revealing abnormal brain areas in various neurodegenerative/neurological disease is something clinicians can benefit a lot.
More updates after I review the whole site.....!!