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Monday, November 3, 2008

Disposable Surgical Face Masks: A Systematic Review

BNET: You make it workHere is an review on Surgical Masks, a careful review on Masks that looks at all the studies done so far and compares the various usage and it's safety.

Disposable Surgical Face Masks:

A Systematic Review


Authors: Allyson Lipp RN DipN RNT MA MSc, Principal Lecturer, School of Care
Sciences, University of Glamorgan, UK.
Peggy Edwards RN Dip Operating
Practice BSc Professional Practice, Welsh Risk Pool Assessor, Pontypridd,
Acknowledgements: Cochrane Collaboration Wounds Group and the Theatre
Nursing Trust Fund. Extracts of systematic review reproduced by kind permission
of: Update Software, Oxford.


Surgical face masks were originally developed to contain and
filter droplets of microorganisms expelled from the mouth and nasopharynx of
healthcare workers during surgery, thereby providing protection for the

However, there are several ways in which surgical face masks could potentially contribute to contamination of the surgical wound. Surgical face masks have recently been advocated as a protective barrier between the surgical team and the patient, but the role of the surgical face mask as an effective measure in preventing surgical wound infections is questionable.
The aim of the systematic review is to identify and review all randomised controlled trials evaluating disposable surgical face masks worn by the surgical team during clean surgery to prevent postoperative surgical wound infection.