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Monday, September 12, 2011

IONM background, literature, history and Updates...!

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You Tube Video & Anguish of a Lay man about NeuroMonitoring?
Oh I wish there was someone from Neuromonitoring field had noticed the following random ranting of a lay man with quite an Anguish tone filled with incredible painful experience of being Stalked by some Remote stuff?, that this man decided to call it remote neuromonitring?, since no one helped this guy, his confusion continues as this posting,. So far and no one clarified online or offline to this man, I had to stretch from already busy blog writing to even answer unrelated rants of this kind, finally I had to do it myself to bring attention of this issue both to this lay man and to the Neuromonitoring professionals.
Dear Mr, Guy?,
Let me respectfully assert you that you have no idea or knowledge about Neuromonitoring or Remote Neuromoitoring, I wish you had consulted someone who knows about this field before making this public video that talks unintelligibly about a Scientific and Clinical Surgery field known as Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring or in general known as Neuromonitoring.