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Sunday, June 23, 2013

No more LinkedIn, No Facebook or other social sites, Beware their Breach is a yet another fraud and drama to sell you!?

Beware of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and for that matter even Microsoft:
These companies constantly sell and buy contacts, all the so called breach is not really a breach, or hacking or cyber security issue starts and end with them, they use these to con, sell things, create fake news for promotional purposes etc, you know what that means?:
I have been monitoring all these so called social and professional networking websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, google and others. I am sure you all noticed the number of such websites reporting breach and leak of members details or hacking of their sites and it continues without any end to this menace.

I realized, our personal information and connections are at serious risk in these bottom feeding companies hands, so as of today, I will be terminating my LinkedIn, two days ago, I have seen lots of contacts been either stolen from other sites and LinkedIn published it on my page. Do you remember on the top right corner a streaming lists will show up everyday, "You may Know these People", have you ever noticed how they get and from where they get those lists, every time you visit or spent few min, you will see several of them are your friends, or colleagues or you know personally?, how do you think LinkedIn get those details, think?.

In my case, I believe either they breached and stolen contacts from my google or outlook contacts or the google would have sold them for a handsome bucks, so do the facebooks leak. Most of this so called breach or leaks are not really leaks but they purposefully create news awareness so that they can get away from any law suits or Feds going after them, because leak or breach is an accident?. wow..

So keep my email contacts, please do not use any of the google, facebook or linked in, use these following secure emails to get in touch with me or network with me. Thanks

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