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Friday, February 13, 2009

Human Atlas:- Video Education of Anatomy?

As the above caption suggests, if you click one of the topics, you can see and listen to a beautiful and quite simple description of different anatomical structure of human Body. 
For someone who is just learning Anatomy or atlas of the Human body,  this is a good place to start......... you can start here. 
Audio and visual learning is more effective than just reading, though nothing can replace a careful and thorough reading habit. Modern tools makes learning much more easier and simpler. 
Here it is, hope you will find it useful.
One of the topic I clicked to see the video was "Anatomy of Spine", quite simple but appropriate information to begin learning the spine anatomy.

This can be a very good tool for someone who might be interested in learning neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. These 3D descriptions can be useful for non-neuroscience as well as neuroscience students, for Neuromonitoring newbies?.. and even for those who know the field, a quick refresher. 

Few Example Video's:


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