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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is O-Arm, is the X-Ray imaging finally getting a Facelift in tech?

Interesting tech developments seems to be happening in X-Ray imaging, came across news about O-Arm today and also noticed the fluoroscopic ultra-imaging developments and check those below, as well as the link to Hologic?...This area or technology can be quite useful to surgeons and hospitals, this is something they better look at for efficient surgical procedures and precision detection.
Here is the O-Arm, will this help surgeon view different angles, depth and positioning of pedicle screws and so on?.
Gene writes about O-Arm Imaging system- Link:

O-arm™ Imaging System

by  on  • 11:54 am
multi2D lr O arm™ Imaging System
Have you seen the O-arm™ Imaging System before? We haven’t. Until today, that is. We learned about it this morning when a company’s rep left O-arm™ brochures (and no food) in our physicians’ lounge. The device byBreakaway Imaging, LLC, of Littleton, MA, was FDA-cleared last year and is now distributed by Medtronic.
So here’s the scoop about the device that has a robotics-assisted positioning system:

Also note the following C-Arm Mini, interesting:

The Next Generation in Mini C-arm Imaging with Flat Detector Technology

New and Innovative Flat Detector Mini C-arm Design
  • Ergonomic flat detector design with ease of positioning for patient/surgeon access
  • Greatest range of motion in a new innovative mini C-arm design
  • Forward tube source design now offers greater C-arm depth
  • Flat detector technology with 75 micron array and 2k x 1.5k resolution

And, finally, the following Dorsal Column Stabilization Outflow: 

Artis zeego, dorsal spinal stabilization workflow

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