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Sunday, February 17, 2008


  • Neuromonitoring1 ......is the only place on the internet or offline on any books where you will find list of companies that provide Neuromonitoring in America, it is not clear at this moment how many countries health care system applies this approach (there is no data on it, but I am sure there are only handful of nations like USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Singapore so far known to employ or have companies doing this service, among them the most widely established neuromonitoring practices occur in US.

  • This list is by far the comprehensive, though it does not reflect one hundred percent of companies in US but certainly most of them with a webaddress and well known names are listed here.
A list of all these neuromonitoring companies are documented at the bottom of this blog under separate topic: Neuromonitoring Companies!!.
You will be able to get more details of those companies such as name brand, directors, office staff, company goals, operating areas and schedules etc., along with the link to each company at the very bottom of this blog under title Neuromonitoring Companies and Centers.
Two of the latest addition are Synapse neuromonitoring and Argos Neuromonitoring, the list will be updated periodically.

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