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This is not about our Health Care, medical or scientific field page, but something else that we all use in every day life. Just like you and others, I do get frustrated about terrible qualities among cell phone services, land line phone services, and other similar services that we use day in and day out. The other example is the internet service, I am not sure how often you change the these companies and their services, but I got to tell you that I change them often. The moment I see flaws, when I find billing issues or poor quality customer service or third rated technology, like I got rid of cox cable services for Internet TV that is totally free, all you need is an internet connection (ofcourse high speed and a internet access box and a TV with internet connectivity), similarly like I got rid of the land line phone for VOIPs and so on, these things does matter in our smooth daily goings..
The enormous progress made recently and the rate of change in technology brings us multiple choices and innovative tools to communicate or otherwise, that means, the customer has the choice, well more than one or two but multiple choices to pick.

I have been using VOIPs technology for a while as an alternative for land line, pretty interesting and cost effective alternative to land line, used Vonage for a while and got rid of them recently because of their billing flaws, and then moved to phonepower, a company has been rated by every site or review as top, but that is not true, having used their service, I would rather say, they cannot be put on the top list, infact vonage is far more better and superior than phonepower. The call quality is not good, customer service is ok, they charge for 0 dialing? (operator dialing), and the billing is one of the worst billing practice they have, every month they cook up some fees or charges to boost their monthly invoice to you, so this is when I went back searching for a alternative VOIPs, and end up seeing not only just voips but developments in this field and a site that lists 100 voip companies, I never thought there are 100 voip companies, that fact alone startled me and I thought I must put it here for the people to find these companies, it was like my other blog where I list all the American IONM companies, pretty interesting.

And, the site says top 100 world ranking for voip companies, that means, how many companies are actually out there.........wow!
Top 100 VoIP Provider World Ranking is an ongoing comparison and ranking of top worldwide VoIP providers.Compare VoIP business services or compare VoIP residential service, pricing, convenience, as well as VoIP equipment scenarios and options. The Top 100 VoIP Provider comparison table will equip users with answers on hardware and software including on-premise PBX, hosted PBX, the operability of a SIP Line, and international calling rates. Whether you are currently using broadband service or if you want to know if a provider offers pc to phone from a DSL connection this information will be your guide to rank and choose the best VoIP phone service for your home or business. Learn about and compare providers that range from the big dogs like RingCentral to international up-and-coming providers.
and after going through couple of VOIPs and phone power, I must say that the Phonepower that has been rated number one is a total bull, the customer service is third rated, their technology is no way compared to Vonage and the phone power billing is absolutely a day light robbery, they will charge for a bill dispute, they will charge for calling zero or customer service and appalling billing policies, so I had to Boot the phone power get back vonage service, much better than any other voips out there.
The Most horrendous Cell [hone service providers and their robbery of customers money and emotions...!
When I write here about some of these so called providers or technology companies, that means I have used them all or most of them before I say something about one company or the other, I pretty much experienced products from most of the companies....
Stay away from T-Mobile and Cellular that has bought out by AT&T,  I can't say much about Att but cellular was the worst of all and the T-mobile is just next to cellular. Most of the big and well known providers charge you for the phone and service fees and a Contract, but there is a challenge to that kind of monopoly, you can get the top notch phone service without contract and without bleeding in your wallet......
Metro Pcs and Cricket seems to offer such phone service, I have not yet used their product but going to use soon and will update...

Where do I check before buying a product, there are several ratings I check but the best of them is consumer report.org, the best place I look at:

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