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Friday, August 15, 2008

Anesthesia and Neuromonitoring by Reza Gorji, MD

Reza Gorji from University of NY writes at the Neuroanesthesia.net about various neuromonitoring methods and the effect of anesthesia, what types of anesthetic agent is advisable for certain types of EPs and EEGs during surgical procedures.

Anesthesia and Neuromonitoring: Electroencephalography and Evoked Potentials Reza Gorji, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, University Hospital, State University of NY, Syracuse, NY

  • Anesthesia and Neuromonitoring (EEG & EP) Patients undergoing neurologic/orthopedic procedures involving the peripheral and central nervous system may be at increased risk from hypoxia/ischemia to vital neurologic structures. Intraoperative neuromonitoring may improve patient outcome by:

a. Allowing early detection of ischemia/hypoxia before irreversible damageoccurs

b. Indicating the need for operative intervention (shunts placed in carotid surgery) to minimize nerve damage The role of anesthesiology in neuromonitoring is one of understanding the appropriate anesthetic techniques, applying knowledge of medicine, surgery, physiology and pharmacology to get the best possible outcome.
This monograph will discuss the
various clinically important neuromonitors and offer solutions as they apply to clinical anesthesia.
It is divided in 3 broad sections: Electroencephalography, sensory evoked potentials and motor evoked potentials.

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Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring guidelines & Societies!

Where to Look for Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Policies, standards and guidlines!!
ABNM American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring
ASNM The American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring

American Clinical Neurophysiology Society
IFCN International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology
ASET American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist
OSET International Organization of Societies for
Electrophysiological Technology

Other NeuroPhysiology Societies to look for more information
ABCN-American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology, Inc

Apart from these Main Societies, there are other organizations that provides technological platform and guidelines
List to be updated........!

Michael R. Isley and Roland C. Pearlman Strongly recommend neuromonitoring guidelines from the above societies!.